My Reading List

My scripted line for interviews about the merits of being an engineer goes like this: “I work hard. I work well in teams. I’m a problem solver. I can teach myself anything.” That last part has been really important as I’ve started working on my post-college education.

Over the past year, I’ve realized that I want to work in business, and this summer, I started searching for some books on learning the basics. I hit the jackpot with Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA. Kaufman’s philosophy is that an MBA program can be replaced by a study of business literature and real-world experience. I found this idea appealing because I have no interest in going back to school, and I’d prefer to use my self-teaching skills to further my education. Kaufman designed his book as a launchpad into the study of business and offers an extensive list on his website for further reading.

I finished his book, and I immediately started buying a ton of new ones (from his list and others). After a few months and many Amazon shipments, I’ve realized that I can’t read them nearly as quickly as I can order them (a brilliant realization). It has come time to hold myself a bit more accountable and think more about my personal reading list. I’ve organized it on Evernote (so awesome), and I will be sharing it here (the link is also in the menu!). I’m sharing it in order to get recommendations from you, and hopefully so that you have some recommendations if you’re looking.

The list is organized as follows:

  • All books are listed as Title (Author) – Category
  • The top line is the book that I’m currently reading
  • Purchased are the books that I own but have not read
  • The rest are books that seem appealing. For now, most of them are from Humanize’s Must-Read list.

As I finish the books, I will post short reviews and update the list. I’m excited about holding myself more accountable about my reading list and starting some interesting conversations.

3 thoughts on “My Reading List

  1. Aaron, I recommend you read Never Eat Alone. Great book about networking and developing your personal rolodex.

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