On my ride home from work a few weeks ago, I found myself having a really nice conversation…with myself. It was at this point that I realized how important it is for me to live with another human being, and the best possible situation is to live with someone that you love (as corny as that sounds).

Julie’s trip to Paris (the reason I was allowed to be alone for so long) has brought to light how important living together has been for my personal growth. She offers a level of stability and purpose to my life that has helps focus my energies on being a productive member of society (one of my life aspirations!).

I thought that spending my week alone and having the apartment all to myself would lead to crazy levels of productivity. The reverse happened. Every night I’d warm up some chili (I made a massive amount that week), watch TV, and then go to bed. It turns out that Julie and I have created a powerful feedback loop between each other. We hold ourselves to high standards and expect a great deal of each other. As a result, we hold one another accountable for achieving our goals. We constantly discuss what we want out of our lives and inadvertently have created clear visions for our future (more on visioning for a future post). This vision has made it possible to think about the specific steps we need to take to achieve our goals.

Even more than that, Julie appreciates me for who I am, and her support for my absurd way of operating helps me take pride in working towards my outlandish vision. The support system has become so integrated into my life that I was completely unconscious of it. Maybe that means we’re doing it right?

Do you have someone in your life that holds you accountable for your goals? How have you formed your personal vision of greatness?

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