Managing the Awareness Gap

Hypothetical Conversation with an Analyst: Aaron:   “How is your project progressing?’ Analyst: “Good! We are on track for our meeting in three weeks.” Aaron: “Prove it. How do you know you’re on track?” Analyst: “I’ve done all of the work my project manager (PM) asked of me. She laid out a plan two weeks ago […]

On Crafting a Management Philosophy

Over the past few months, I have made an exciting transition to a managerial role over the analyst group at my consulting firm (call me Mr. Manager!). It has been interesting shifting my focus from client work to almost exclusively spending time on internal development. The change fits well though. I’ve always loved coaching, and […]

Pushing Until You Drop

“Only five more to go,” my trainer growls at me as I struggle to bend into another lunge. Instead, I collapse, pathetically. “Nope. Ten more now! I know you can do this with at least ten more pounds in each hand. I’m going easy on you!” I huff and try to straighten out. “Ugh…” is […]

2013 Reading List

I’d like to apologize for my absence since October. Work has been crazy, but that’s a weak excuse. I’m working on building out more structure around posting for 2013. I will be posting something new in a few weeks. Anyways, an exercise that I hope you’ll help me with for the start of the new […]

Fractal Planning

[BONUS super post to make up for not posting last month] A fractal is a geometric pattern that maintains its shape no matter how much you zoom into it. The planning system I’ve been using for the past few months, Agile Results, attempts to mirror this, though not the infinity part. The framework is based […]

On (not) Being a Sports Fan

I’ve never been able to understand our culture’s obsession with sports. My father has always been a big sports fan, and most of my friends are too, but my brain seems incapable of making the connection to find pleasure in watching “the game”. I think part of it has to do with identifying with a […]

System Overload

Since last summer, I’ve been developing a financial system to deal with money efficiently and with minimal work. The system has several constants: my income, rent/bills, investments and my savings goals. All of this is allocated into budgets automatically through transfers and The rest of my expenses are allotted within the constraints of my […]