On (not) Being a Sports Fan

I’ve never been able to understand our culture’s obsession with sports. My father has always been a big sports fan, and most of my friends are too, but my brain seems incapable of making the connection to find pleasure in watching “the game”. I think part of it has to do with identifying with a […]

Rethinking School

Since leaving college, I’ve started to take a more much critical look at our education system (K-12, at least). As I’ve read about successful entrepreneurs, I wonder why I never pursued the things they did when they were young. It always comes back to my insistence on “focusing on my schoolwork”. I didn’t want any […]

Bed Sore

I’m really thankful that I don’t have any real medical issues. I seldom need to go to the doctor, and I don’t take any medications. My experience at the hospital a few weeks ago really brought to light for me how inconvenient medical care is and just how inefficient emergency care is. What’s most surprising […]