Pushing Until You Drop

“Only five more to go,” my trainer growls at me as I struggle to bend into another lunge. Instead, I collapse, pathetically. “Nope. Ten more now! I know you can do this with at least ten more pounds in each hand. I’m going easy on you!” I huff and try to straighten out. “Ugh…” is […]

Fractal Planning

[BONUS super post to make up for not posting last month] A fractal is a geometric pattern that maintains its shape no matter how much you zoom into it. The planning system I’ve been using for the past few months, Agile Results, attempts to mirror this, though not the infinity part. The framework is based […]

System Overload

Since last summer, I’ve been developing a financial system to deal with money efficiently and with minimal work. The system has several constants: my income, rent/bills, investments and my savings goals. All of this is allocated into budgets automatically through transfers and mint.com. The rest of my expenses are allotted within the constraints of my […]

Rethinking School

Since leaving college, I’ve started to take a more much critical look at our education system (K-12, at least). As I’ve read about successful entrepreneurs, I wonder why I never pursued the things they did when they were young. It always comes back to my insistence on “focusing on my schoolwork”. I didn’t want any […]

My Personal Vision of Greatness

I just finished my personal vision for 2015, and I feel outstanding! I’ve created an exciting narrative for where I want to be in 2.5 years, and I can’t wait to start working towards it (SPOILER ALERT: I already am!). Let me backtrack. In February, Julie and I attended a seminar with ZingTrain called “Creating […]


On my ride home from work a few weeks ago, I found myself having a really nice conversation…with myself. It was at this point that I realized how important it is for me to live with another human being, and the best possible situation is to live with someone that you love (as corny as […]

Leveling Up

As an engineer, I’ve been taught to think of the world in terms of systems. This has translated especially well into my attempts at operating as an adult, specifically towards finances and exercise. Two of my favorite self-help gurus, Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi, preach the tremendous effects that a well-tuned system can have on […]